IoMT Security

IoMT Security with Medigate

A Modular, SaaS-powered healthcare IoMT Security platform that scales to protect your environment, address your use cases, and fulfill your goals as they evolve

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Extends cybersecurity across your healthcare XIoT

A broad range of XIoT devices ensure care delivery in your healthcare environment: from IV pumps and ultrasounds, to smart HVAC and lighting systems. Medigate secures them all.

Supports your full healthcare cybersecurity journey

Whether you want to automate asset discovery, combat zero-day attacks, or aren’t sure where to start, Medigate will support and grow with you on your entire journey.

Designed for scalability, flexibility, and ease-of-use

As a SaaS solution with a flexible UI built to adapt to all IT, security, Biomed, and executive needs, Medigate deploys and scales effortlessly no matter the user or use case.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack

Medigate’s extensive technical ecosystem integrations empower you to easily extend your existing security infrastructure to your healthcare environment.