Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

Scalable Access Security That’s Simple and Powerful

Get secure access for any user and device to any environment, from anywhere.

The shift to hybrid work models and perimeter-less environments amplifies the need for security to shift too. Today, your data and applications no longer sit behind a corporate firewall – and neither do your users.

You need assurance that only the right users and secure devices are accessing your applications and systems every time.

The use of strong authentication increases your security, but not all solutions are the same. Cost, flexibility, and the complexity of deployment and use can vary across solutions.

Trusted Access

MFA means users provide a password plus a second source of validation (e.g., authorization code) to verify their identity before access is granted.

Fast Deployment

Add MFA to any existing environment or platform – fast. Our self-enrollment feature makes it easy for users to get set up.


Intuitive with fast set up and multiple authentication options to choose from, PatientLock’s MFA solutions keep users secure without being disruptive.


Easily set up new users, support new devices, and protect new applications without impacting existing technology.

PatientLock MFA

A Win-Win for Your Users and Your Security Team

It’s time to go beyond basic protection – and PatientLock MFA is a smart step. Don’t let your users hold the door open for an attacker by requiring only a username and password to validate user identity.

PatientLock MFA gives you peace-of-mind with strong, trusted access protection across any business or clinical environment, and allows users to access applications securely, and quickly. With multiple authentication options, users can choose the method that’s most convenient for them, without disrupting their productivity or slowing down patient throughput.

As with all of our services, PatientLock makes access to strong MFA affordable and simple – and scales easily to accommodate new users, devices, applications, and environments. Our flexible, cloud-based solution is easy to deploy and operate and allows your team to set rules-based policies for different users, devices, and applications as well as activate MFA for assets as needed and on-the-fly.

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