Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Close the gaps that expose your business to risks

Unmanaged vulnerabilities pose critical risk to your healthcare business. PatientLock helps you detect, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities, effectively.

IT-resources in healthcare managing the critical systems required to see patients are stretched thin, which means vulnerability management can be tough to keep up on.

Here’s why: Not all vulnerabilities pose risk to your business, but in order to know which ones do, you’ll need to identify and prioritize the business critical systems and software in your environment. Remediation efforts, including software patches and configuration changes must be identified, tested, and deployed. To be effective, all of these efforts need to be done monthly, which can easily overwhelm
already stretched internal resources.

PatientLock Vulnerability Management takes the complexity out of detecting, prioritizing, and remediating issues in your environment. We deliver the skilled resources, processes, and technology needed to manage the full vulnerability life cycle – helping you find and fix
potential exposures before they can be exploited. With PatientLock, continuous risk-based vulnerability management is achievable – with
less burden on your already-stretched internal team.

Full Life-Cycle Management

  • Proactive Vulnerability Scanning
  • Risk Based Prioritization of Gaps
  • Guided Remediation
  • Validation Scans
  • Compliance Support
  • Auditable Change Management
  • Automated Reporting

PatientLock Vulnerability Management

Real-Time Visibility, Continuous Risk Management

PatientLock Vulnerability Management delivers unparalleled, continuous visibility into vulnerabilities in your environment that can expose your organization and patients to risk. These include un-patched software, software coding issues, and improper system configurations.

A managed service provider, PatientLock takes the complexity out of full life-cycle vulnerability management, from the discovery of business critical assets to issue detection, risk-based remediation and validation, to reporting.

Our integrated platform combines leading technologies, automated tools, and the latest threat intelligence to allow our analysts to spot potential exposures and weaknesses. We use a risk-based approach to prioritize Identified issues based on the degree of risk they pose to your business. Our experts guide you through issue remediation, which can include configuration changes and patches, as well as validation scans to verify remediation success, with reports to demonstrate the risk management process for auditors and executives.

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