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PatientLock and the Tennessee Medical Association Announce New Cybersecurity Partnership

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An Innovative Cybersecurity Partnership Designed to Better Protect Medical Groups and Private Practices

June 21, 2024, Overland Park, KS – PatientLock is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Tennessee Medical Association (TMA), an organization with over 10,000 members, as the association’s preferred cybersecurity partner. This innovative move promises to reshape the landscape of data security by revolutionizing the cyber protection of medical groups and private practices in the state of Tennessee.

PatientLock was purpose-built by former EMR and healthcare IT executives, along with world-class cybersecurity operators. It was designed to force-multiply an organization’s existing IT resources by offering a fully-managed suite of cybersecurity technology and advisory services that are both affordable and accessible to healthcare organizations of any size.

PatientLock and the TMA have combined their expertise and reach to deliver an affordable, yet comprehensive approach to the safeguarding of sensitive patient data, ensuring business continuity, offsetting financial risk, and maintaining cyber-insurability for TMA members. The alliance is set to deliver cutting-edge solutions designed to address the evolving cyber threats facing smaller healthcare organizations where data breaches, ransomware attacks, and privacy concerns are increasingly prevalent.

There are several significant aspects of the PatientLock and TMA partnership:

  • TMA members will have access to significantly discounted cybersecurity and regulatory compliance services, including PatientLock’s flagship offering, the PatientLock Bundle. The Bundle is a suite of fully managed cybersecurity technologies comprised of Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR) with 24×7 SOC monitoring, Email Protection Service (EPS), KnowBe4 Staff Education and Phishing Training, and Dark Web Monitoring.
  • The testing and development of a free self-assessment and scoping portal, designed by PatientLock to allow medical groups in the state of Tennessee to better understand their current security posture and digital assets.

“We recognize the critical importance of safeguarding patient data in the modern healthcare landscape, and that shouldn’t stop with large health systems. Practices need enterprise-grade cybersecurity technology and services made available and affordable to them,” said Jim Ford, CEO of PatientLock. “Our collaboration with the TMA will make the same people, processes, and technologies used to protect the DOD and some of the most sensitive information in the world available to even the smallest of practices in the state of Tennessee.”

The Tennessee Medical Association is a nonprofit organization representing Tennessee physicians advocating for policies, laws, and rules promoting healthcare safety and quality for all Tennesseans and improving the non-clinical aspects of practicing medicine. “We are excited to partner with PatientLock to make world-class cybersecurity technology and services affordable to our members,” commented CEO Russ Miller. “Cyber-attacks on healthcare organizations are getting worse. It’s our duty at the TMA to make education, resources, and the best solutions on the market available to our members, and PatientLock allows us to do that in the cybersecurity space.”

The collaboration between PatientLock and the Tennessee Medical Association signals a new era in healthcare data security, where innovation, cyber insurance, and world-class technology are at last made available to small healthcare organizations that lack in-house, dedicated Information Security (IS) talent. The partnership underscores a shared commitment to securing patient data and reinforces the belief that comprehensive cybersecurity is paramount for any type of healthcare organization.